• Control System Expansion
  • LED Indicators for Diagnostics
  • Stackable with other CS PCBs for shared
    power & CAN-bus
  • PC/104 hole pattern
  • Two pole relays for complete isolation
  • Current reading on all channels
  • Ground fault detection on all channels
  • Auto fuse on all channels
  • Dedicated LEDs for on/off indication on each channel
  • Actual isolation resistance can be read from the user interface of the system.


The Relay & GFD board is an expansion board for the control system range. It runs stacked with a master PCB. The benefit of isolation monitoring on all relays is the ability to detect, switch off and isolate the troubled circuit while other circuits are active. The PC/104 stacking feature allows for swift mounting and keeps wiring to a minimum. Complete range of stackable expansion boards for various applications available.

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