• Control System Expansion
  • LED Indicators for Diagnostics
  • Stackable with other CS PCBs for shared
    power & CAN-bus
  • PC/104 hole pattern
  • High Resolution Analog Inputs
  • Selectable 4-20mA/0-10V Inputs
  • Digital Inputs, NPN/PNP
  • Multiple communication options
  • Auto-resettable fuse of 160mA
  • Inbuilt logic for encoders, RPM sensors and flowmeters


The DAQ PCB is an expansion board for the control system range. It runs both stand-alone and stacked with a master PCB. The board can read 8 analog inputs and 8 digital inputs.

In addition, it has two counters that can be configured to count both up and down using two of the digital inputs in pair. The PC/104 stacking feature allows for swift mounting and keeps wiring to a minimum. Complete range of stackable expansion boards for various applications available.

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