New and improved!
IP camera

We have some exciting news to share with you all!

During these last couple of weeks we have been working on improving our Aleutian Subsea IP camera (Internet Protocol camera).

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Reduced down to 80 ms!

The previous latency of 180 ms has now been reduced down to 80 ms! This is pretty incredible – and we are also the first company to make this significant upgrade. This week we delivered six Aleutian cameras to a world leading subsea service provider.

So what makes this camera so unique? Traditionally in the world of subsea, the ROV will have two cameras attached; one low-light camera and one zoom camera. The Aleutian IP camera from Ixys, combines these two into one camera,  tailored for low-light conditions, typically found subsea.

The customer benefits are many. Not only does this camera cut cost (you only have to purchase one camera instead of two), but you also reduce both the total weight on the ROV, and the number of connections used on the control canister.

We dare to say that it is the best subsea IP camera on the market right now!