8-Station ValvePack


  • Compact and low weight
  • Highly reliable component selection
  • LED indicators for diagnostics and trouble Shooting
  • Flow sensor options
  • Proportional pressure reducing valves
  • Pressure transducers for pressure monitoring.
  • Custom valve configuration
  • Hardware or GUI Control with diagnostics

Typical Operations

  • ROV Tooling
  • Intervention Works
  • Subsea tooling


The 8-Station valve pack is a universal remotely operated control unit. It consist of 8 x NG6 directional control valves built into a compact and servicefriendly pressure compensated subsea housing. A cost efficient design, loaded with functionality, proportional, solenoid or mixed valve configurations driven by a highly flexible and configurable digital control system, makes the Ixys 8-Station Valve Pack the perfect choice as a part of your control system or for tooling applications.

The Ixys PWM PCB™ is capable of controlling up to 12 bi-directional proportional and / or solenoid valves and contains 4 x 16bit analog interfaces for pressure / temperature transducers and water detectors which can be specified with the valve pack. The communication between the topside software and the Ixys Control Can or the PCB is performed through RS232, RS485 or Ethernet with 10-30 Volt operating voltage. A topside Graphical User Interface (GUI) can be used to provide complete control of the valve pack with on screen buttons and continuous diagnostics information from the valve pack.

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